High-performance race engineering—are there no sweeter words? From the street to the strip, BnL Racing has been producing some of the finest and fastest racers this side of the Mississippi. BnL racing specializes in vehicle upgrades and engine installation. Our engineering team combines racing knowledge with expert craftsmanship to build premier racing engines, transmission and chassis. Make your racing dreams come true with BnL Racing.

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BnL specializes in building high-quality custom engines and transmissions

The engine is the soul of the car. It gives you the power, speed and sound that you love. Why would you cut corners with a stock engine when you can get a custom job? BnL Racing makes custom engines to your specifications. We can put the power and performance into your car.
Whether it’s speed or horsepower you’re after, our engineers know all the tricks. We can get those extra horses you’ve been looking for, and even get you up to 160 mph. Your racer can be the fastest on the track, and your hot rod the most powerful at the show.
BnL Racing also builds transmission to ensure the highest levels of performance from your vehicle. With transmission built by our brilliant engineers, your car will never miss a shift, drop a gear or stall on you. Our team knows how to build the right transmission to create the ultimate driving experience.
BnL Racing will turn your vehicle into the high-performance machine you’ve been dreaming about.

Chassis Design

Of course, having a killer engine and a tight transmission isn’t worth much if you don’t have a proper chassis to mount it on. BnL Racing builds strong and reliable chassis for any racing vehicle. Whether it is because you wish to mount a new engine, install better transmission or just looking for a better foundation, BnL Racing will do the job.

You wouldn’t walk on thin ice or build on shaky ground, so why race with an unreliable chassis? Trust BnL Racing to build you a solid chassis and give your racer a sturdy foundation.
Chassis Design


You got the full package: a mighty engine and a brilliant design, but you still feel like your car is missing something. Maybe you’re looking for that latest turbo booster, or maybe you want more advanced breaking installed. BnL Racing has all the accessories and upgrades to take your car to the next level.

If you want more speed, we can install new turbochargers on your engine to boost air intake. We also have nitrous-oxide canisters to make you fly on the strip and give you that cool fire effect from your exhaust. BnL Racing carries a variety of speed-enhancing accessories, so please feel free to ask when you have your car built with us.


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